As the daughter of a music teacher and a band member, Kat Perkins grew up surrounded by music.

"I just always knew that I wanted to be in music," said Perkins, who is now a full-time singer-songwriter and motivational speaker. Perkins is one of three headliners for the annual Rolling River Music Festival, which will begin 5 p.m. July 13 in Red Wing's Central Park.

After growing up in North Dakota, Perkins moved to the Twin Cities to pursue a music career. She began to gain recognition in and around the regions, and according to her bio, she had vocal surgery, which led to a singing hiatus before her comeback in 2014.

Perkins returned to the stage via NBC's "The Voice," where she made it to the finals. Though Perkins is no longer on primetime TV, she still brings her voice to people around the country.

"I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to have passion and career meet," she said.

Along with singing, Perkins works as a motivational speaker. She explained that this stems from her song "Fearless." She spoke in a couple of classrooms about being fearless and that grew to high schools, colleges, and eventually speeches in the corporate world.

"I keep pretty consistent on talking to all ages about being fearless, taking the fearless approach to their lives, and stepping outside of their comfort zone and finding that success."

When not performing or speaking, Perkins says that she spends time writing new speeches, writing and recording new songs and traveling to event venues.

Perkins told the Republican Eagle that she is excited for the Rolling River Music Festival in Red Wing.

"I was actually just bragging about Rolling River being one of the opportunities that we can take this summer to do my original music and be an artist," she said.

Often, Perkins performs covers of songs at festivals and concerts but Rolling River is a place where she can sing new and original pieces.

"This one I feel like they allow us to be our true selves, our artistry is exploited and we get to really share that aspect with the folks, you know, the stuff we write from our toes. And that's exciting for me. I live for those moments to be able to do the stuff that I write and be an artist."

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