Ready to paint purple and yellow brushstrokes on the football uniforms, artist Patty Smith is patient. But she is eager to see the results from this week's Minnesota Vikings playoff game.

Then she can paint the finishing touches on her fun-loving masterpiece. For now, her art shows a pile of football players in white uniforms in the middle of the field.

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Three months ago, Smith of Farmington was inspired to start her painting and the Vikings kept winning and winning. Since the state is celebrating how US Bank stadium will host Super Bowl LII, Smith said the possibility the Vikings could be a contender makes the story sweeter.

"Oh, sure, why not? It brings money to the state and everybody needs a job and we are fans," she said.

She depicted the stadium on a 2-by-2-foot wooden pallet, which she plans to give to her nephew, a fellow artist and football fan.

Smith, 54, has won hundreds of ribbons from Dakota County Fair for her serious art pieces. Inspired to become an artist from her artistic father, Harry Smith, she recalls taking his finished work to the Dakota County Fair when she was young. She began drawing at age 9.

"I do my art because it is therapeutic, and I am always thinking about it and what my next project will be," Smith said.

A few prized artworks hang in her home, but she is known in the community for giving away many pieces to nonprofit silent auctions.

She used images of US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis as her model. Smith said she hopes to visit the stadium but has not seen it up close and in-person yet.

Since she loves the Christmas movie "The Polar Express" based on the children's picture book, Smith decided to use that train instead of the BlueLine Express that stops at the stadium.

The pallet also showcases Minnesota history with Charles Schulz's "Peanuts" characters, an image of Mary Tyler Moore's statue that stands in downtown Minneapolis, the state bird, a farm and the words "Minnesota - Home of 10,000 Lakes."

"I had to put the Polar Plunge in there because it is big in Minnesota as a tradition for Special Olympics and that was very important for me to capture," Smith said.

She took artistic license by painting Frosty the Snowman and superhero Spiderman. who is shown swooping in to catch the football with his spider webs.

There are two images on the TV screens with Justin Timberlake, a performer for the Super Bowl halftime, along with Minnesota legendary musician Prince, who will be rooting for the Vikings to win from heaven, Smith said.

The Vikings must win twice to play the big game. Smith said she would take delight in painting those uniforms Vikings' colors.

Connect with Patty Smith on Facebook or check out her art at www.pattysmithartpage.