HUDSON -- Hudson student Myles Hood has been drawing since he could hold a crayon.

The E.P. Rock Elementary fourth-grader particularly enjoys a cartoon style, in which he can use fun colors.

“I like that there are no rules,” he said.

Hood was recognized this spring with the child merit award from ARTS for All Wisconsin. The organization recognizes artists with disabilities from ages 5 and up.

This is the third consecutive year that a Hudson student has won an award from the organization, Hudson schools arts teacher Cynthia Burak-Gresmer said.

“It’s absolutely fabulous to be recognized,” Burak-Gresmer said. She talks about the opportunity in class, but seeing one of their own classmates honored makes more of an impact on students.

This is the first year Burak-Gresmer has worked with Hood.

“Myles is a cool student,” she said. “He’s fun, he’s got a quick smile.”

Burak-Gresmer submitted two pieces from Burak-Gresmer, both self-portraits.

One was in the cartoon style he preferred. Hood said he liked that one best because of the coloring of it.

“The inspiration was from Spongebob,” he said.

The second was a realist portrait.

“He had never done a self-portrait before,” Burak-Gresmer said. “It wasn’t his favorite, but we worked on it more and more.”

The judges selected his realistic portrait as the winner.

Hood said it felt good to be selected as a winner. His mother, Nicole Hood, said she was very proud of him.

“I knew he was going to do a good job, all he does is draw,” she said. “He was so excited that he got to see his picture online and a bunch of people got to see his artwork.”

This year’s ceremony was moved online due to COVID-19.

It was different, Nicole Hood said, but this way family and friends were able to join in on it.

“It was very exciting for us to sit down as a family,” she said. “And see the beaming smile on his face as soon as he saw his picture show up.”

Hood wants to become an artist when he grows up.

“I cannot wait to see what he does with his artistic abilities in the future,” his mother said.