PEPIN -- The number 13 has a reputation for bringing bad luck. This year would have been the Flyway Film Festival’s thirteenth annual film festival. And the pandemic arrived ... in its thirteenth year.

The Flyway Film Society board and executive director discussed many possible scenarios for continuation of the film festival this year. Now is when all of the work and planning would be well underway for this fall's festival. But, COVID-19 has disrupted everything.

The board and director announced that has concluded that the festival needs to be canceled. Resources will be marshaled for the 2021 festival.

The board decided this week that an online festival, an idea that had been discussed, does not fit the Flyway's mission. One of the most important elements of its mission is to bring people together. When the festival can do that again safely, board members and volunteers will pick up where they left off.

On the brighter side, the Flyway’s board is optimistic about 2021. But it is asking for support.

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“We look at this unlucky thirteenth year as an opportunity to take stock of our past accomplishments and our goals for the future. All the exciting new ideas we've had since last October are still in play,” the board said the news release.

“But we are significantly affected because we don’t have access to our traditional funding sources. We are managing our finances prudently and we expect we’ll survive, unlike many other nonprofits. We still need financial support to keep our lights on.”

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