A Rosemount author entertains readers with absorbing adventure novels today, but for years he made people laugh with humor and satire as a newspaper cartoonist.

Craig MacIntosh, 74, is an author of six books and today prefers to communicate with words, but first he was an editorial and comic page cartoonist as well as an illustrator for 22 years.

"I really enjoy writing and had a late blossoming career, but my goal is still to write a best seller at some point and I do like reading and creating," MacIntosh said.

In his latest book, "Wolf's Baja, he takes readers on a darker journey to Mexico's Baja. This is his fourth book in a series featuring Navy SEAL Tom Wolf.

Critics describe the book as a gripping tale of an incorruptible Mexican marine who joins former Green Beret Sam McFadden and retired Wolf to battle bandidos, crooked cops, murderous sicarios and an American ex-pat with a secret challenge.

MacIntosh said his book tells the story of four young American college students who vanish in Mexico's Baja. A mysterious caller claims to know the whereabouts of a mother's only son, but only utters how there will be a heavy price for all involved. Wolf and McFadden need to assemble a team of special warfare veterans and race the clock to bring the missing student home.

As a veteran, MacIntosh is drawn to writing about military characters. He served as an platoon leader with the First Infantry Division during "The Big Red One" in Vietnam.

After leaving the U.S. Army in 1970, he began a journalism career as an editorial cartoonist at the "Journal Herald" newspaper in Dayton, Ohio. Five years later, he and his wife, Linda, moved with their two children to Minnesota where he found reward working as an cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star. Later, he and fellow editorial cartoonist Steve Sack created the nationally syndicated children's feature "Doodles."

MacIntosh left newspapers to pursue a career as the artist for the comic strip "Sally Forth."

Then he began writing fiction where he aims to write a 1,000 words a day.

"What I enjoy most is doing the research for my books and working on the story development, and trying to flush out the characters, doing three to four rewrites for each book," MacIntosh said.

In his spare time, he prefers to read historical fiction, but favorite authors include the legendary historian Doris Kearns Goodwin in addition to David McCullough, Vince Flynn and John Sandford.

"For me, writing is like watching a movie in my head and then writing down scenes of dialogue from my head, because I don't start out with an outline," MacIntosh said.

Describing how he researches geographic locations in detail by going online, MacIntosh reveals how he frequently visits Google Maps and watches YouTube videos. He can pinpoint and check out all kinds of information about countries, cities and landscapes down to city street names and the way a city block or neighborhood looks in reality during any season.

"I can go in on a 3-D projection and roam the streets, up and down the coast lines to check out geography and highways, and I can go down streets and turn corners because the internet allows me to do this all from my armchair," MacIntosh said.