Motivational speaker, Miss Wheelchair USA 2012 and Ellsworth High School alumna Tasha Schuh will host a book signing event 5:45-8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 16 in the EHS lobby, coinciding with the JV and varsity boys basketball games. Her second book, “My Next Move Forward,” will be showcased. With belief in herself, Schuh took a leap of faith that led her to meeting her soulmate, Doug Michaels.

In her first book, Schuh chronicled the details of her 16-foot fall to a concrete floor during a high school rehearsal of “The Wizard of Oz.” In “My Last Step Backward,” Schuh adapted to life as a C-5 quadriplegic and proved that, although tragedy might threaten our dreams, it can also inspire them.

In “My Next Move Forward,” she dispels the myth and stereotypes that individuals with physical disabilities often confront. After the accolades of college graduation and beyond, Schuh assesses her life to ask a question she had been avoiding for years:"Am I worthy of love?"

With belief in herself, Schuh takes a leap of faith that leads her to meet her soulmate, Doug Michaels. She tackles the pros and cons of online dating, answers questions on sex, intimacy, and childbirth, and confronts the delicate balance between work and romance. “In My Next Move Forward,” Schuh shows that setbacks often provide the best of life's lessons, and faith can transform dreams into reality.

Survivor, believer, fighter- Schuh is an inspiration who brings hope to all who face life's greatest challenges. Crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2012, Schuh also received the National Rehabilitation Champion Award, the 2014 Distinguished Young Alumni Award (Winona State University), the Falconer Award (WI Governor's Committee for People with Disabilities), along with numerous other recognitions. A professional speaker and author, Schuh travels extensively with her husband, Doug, to share her story of resilience and triumph over tragedy. Visit her, founder of the PITCrew movement, at