Every week or so, Red Wing Cinema 8 Manager Jesse Stewart and RiverTown Multimedia Reporter Matthew Lambert talk about a new movie coming to area theaters. This week is "The Invisible Man".

Matthew Lambert: What do you like in a horror movie?

Jesse Stewart: I like a story that is engaging with good pacing. And this film has it.

ML: Agreed. I think too often horror movies are focused on the scare and gore. "Invisible Man" has some of those moments, but is much more focused on those quiet, intense moments.

JS: Oh absolutely. And even the cinematography was awesome.

ML: Blumhouse (a producer on this film) horror kind of has this artsy, high concept cinematography that always blows my mind. Like all of the Jordan Peele movies, Insidious, and the Purge movies are kind of crazy good looking.

JS: Yes, the camera can also play a role in a film as well as music.

ML: Was there a particular aspect of the film you enjoyed most? I don't know if this film will fit into Oscar conversations, but I bet this movie makes $150 million [at the box office].

JS: Oh, for sure it will make money. Oscar's maybe not, but I think the aspect I took away from this film is our visual of what and when she is seeing him and when we don't. The theory that less is more is highly effective here.

ML: It's pretty simple right: if you can't see the monster or evil thing, you will always be scared. I felt like the tension in this starts form the first minute when he peels his hand off of her in the bed to try and escape.

JS: That's what makes a great horror/thriller film.

ML: What'd you think of Elisabeth Moss in this film?

JS: She is good in almost everything she does, but I was feeling very sympathetic for her character. And how she portrayed the character made her stronger as the film progressed.

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ML: I wonder why she's gravitating towards like this and "Us". She seems like she's moving from TV star to movie star.

JS: She is so talented though. And I'm not surprised. She can do anything.

If Universal keeps up with this kind of remakes to their classic horror movies, then I'm in. If his does well enough, Blumhouse will do more. I just hope that my favorite [Universal classic] "Create from the Black Lagoon" will get made.

ML: I think you bring up a good point. "The Invisible Man" that we saw wasn't the one that was originally going to be presented to us. It was supposed to be Johnny Depp and this whole Monster Universe thing. But "The Mummy" tanked and here we are. And for the better!

JS: And "The Wolfman" came out 10 years ago and I thought it was great. But yeah, "The Mummy" was terrible.

ML: So it's crazy to me that Universal threw a ton of money at this Marvel-like monsters franchise, got rid of it after one flop, and make this one for only $7 million. Insane!

JS: I agree.

ML: So if they continue the monster movies, who do you want to see next?

JS: "Creature from the Black Lagoon", it's my favorite of the monsters.

ML: I'd love to see that because it hasn't been redone over and over again. I think it could be done in a similar vein of this film.

JS: I mean, the closest thing we got was "The Shape of Water".

ML: Crossover event: fish man from "The Shape of Water" meets up with the create from the black lagoon. It could be a buddy cop movie.

JS: Oh my gosh!

ML: I'll start writing the script.