HUDSON -- Growing up in Hudson, Derick Breezee wanted to be a professional hockey player.

He was interested in the artistic side of the world, but he was always an athlete and never thought about giving something like acting a shot.

Until college, when a friend convinced him to send in pictures to an agency, and everything took off from there.

His first experience acting and modeling was as a freshman in college in 2018 in the International Modeling and Talent Association event where he competed in 12 events and medaled in most of them. He found a manager and an agent from the experience.

Within two weeks, he moved to LA.

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“We wouldn’t have moved out there if we didn’t get a manager just because of how big that industry is and how unknown it was to us,” he said.

One of his first auditions earned Breezee his first major project -- the lead role in the play “Famous” that explored the underworld of Hollywood. It ran for over a year in West Hollywood.

“It had a lot of exposure,” Breezee said. “I was one of the leads in it, which was incredible coming from a no acting background.”

His latest project, "The Wrong Stepfather," aired on Lifetime at the end of July. The experience was nerve-wracking but amazing, Breezee said.

“It’s very cool to see myself on a TV movie,” he said.

The industry has presented its challenges, especially as someone new to acting, but Breezee said he has grown so much during this time.

“I have been exposed to so many different people and different backgrounds that I never would have been part of living here in Hudson, Wisconsin,” he said.

Having his family supporting him really helped the experience, he said. “Without them I don’t think it would be the same story I’m telling right now."

He was also able to create a support network in Los Angeles. "When you get into it and you meet the right people, it’s a family,” he said.

Breezee now is continuing his education at the University of St. Thomas, but he’s still auditioning.

“To be honest it’s actually kind of helped me a little bit to know that I”m back home and there’s not as much pressure as living in Hollywood, it’s so hectic there,” he said.

The pandemic has slowed the opportunities, but he’s looking forward to when things pick back up. Breezee said his goals in the industry are to continue to book roles, perhaps in a series or major movie.

“But I would love to do things that matter. I would love to work on projects that have a meaning,” he said. “Especially with everything that’s going on right now I want to make people feel good.”

The experience has shown him the importance of going after your dream.

“You only live once, and I was so lucky to have that opportunity, and I know a lot of people don’t,” he said. “But when an opportunity comes up, sometimes, take it.”