A pair of free, public workshops will be conducted by singer/songwriter Aby Wolf and her associates during their residency in Red Wing Feb. 26-29. Some pop-up events also are anticipated.

“Collaborative Composition and Songwriting” will be at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 26 at the Universal Music Center on the campus of the Anderson Center at Tower View.

Wolf and members of the ensemble, which embraces strings, percussion, voices and electronics, will offer a sample of their “Champagne Confetti” music, Sheldon officials said. They also will share insights into their collaborative writing process.

“Attendees can do a little bit of writing, add their own input,” Wolf said. “Everybody can feel like they shape the music” in collaboration with the “Champagne Confetti” musicians.

“Sing Together: A Master Class for All Singers” will be at 5 p.m. Feb. 28 in the Sheldon Theatre studio. The workshop will focus on elements of group singing including blending voices, harmonizing and listening.

“A lot of people forget that listening is a big part of making music,” Wolf said. “Music is a conversation.”

Participants will make music together with the ensemble and learn some fun techniques. “Singing as a group is one of the most beautiful feelings that I’ve experienced. It is immensely satisfying,” she said.

Both workshops are free and open to everyone, but people must register by clicking on “Get Tickets” on the Sheldon website, www.sheldontheatre.org.