The (lumin) theater lab will present Scriptease Nov. 16-17 at Fireside Social House at 7 p.m. Scriptease is a little different from a typical theater production. There is no director and for some of the actors, there is no script.

"It's an actor's nightmare," said Kelli Tatum, producer of Scriptease.

There is no one plotline or story. The show will consist of several 6-8 minute scenes performed by pairs. One person will have a script and the other person will have to improvise. The first actor will read the line that is on the designated script.

"The other person has no idea what play it is from, what scene they're in, what character they are, what setting - nothing," Tatum said.

The other actor will have to improv with the first actor unable to vary from the lines on the script. Tatum said that it is a challenge, but it also creates some really funny moments. During a practice for the production, Tatum said that some of the actors began running lines from a play that is really more of a tragedy. The combination of the lines and improvising resulted in a lot of humor, she said.

Tatum thought this format of theater would be perfect for the group because half of them are very comfortable with improv and the other half is not (she put herself in the "not" category). She had previously seen this type production performed by others and it has always been a good show.

"Every time I've seen it, there's never been a dud," Tatum said.

The cast has been practicing with various scenes from a wide range of plays, but the scenes that will be used at the show will be a surprise to the actors and improvisors.

Two guest emcees will be present for the show: city council member Lori Braucks and local musical theater guru Michelle Braun.

The show will begin at 7 p.m. Nov. 16-17 at Fireside Social House.

The show is a fundraiser in association with Give to the Max Day on Nov. 16. This year, donors are able to give to their favorite organization from Nov. 1-16. Individuals who donate to (lumin)theater lab before Nov. 15 through will receive free entry to Scriptease. Otherwise, the cost for entry is $8.

(lumin)theater lab said that the show may contain adult themes and adult language, so it may not be appropriate for children under 16 years old.

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