Rosemount City Administrator Logan Martin can tap into his funny bone with his talent for making audiences laugh via the ComedySportz improv troupe. Upcoming shows are slated for March 16 and April 27 at the Rosemount Steeple Center.

Marketed as comedy without a net, ComedySportz, is a member of CSz Worldwide, a network of troupes that perform in 30 other cities around the U.S. and Europe. The improvisational comedy offer audiences humorous, short skits, as well as scenes and games.

When asked who instilled into him the value of laughter and humor, Martin said it was quite unexpected since he was somewhat shy in elementary and middle school. But that all changed when he lost his voice, literally.

"I was the quiet kind of subdued kid," Martin said. "I ended up having nodules on my vocal chords. I went through speech therapy and I lost my voice for the entire summer. I would go through my speech therapy and then I blossomed into this theatre kid."

Martin began performing in theatre in middle school and participated in every play production in high school. He became hooked on the power of improv as a theatre student when he attended Hastings High School.

"I fell in love with it and it came somewhat natural to me," he said.

In college, he decided to take a break from improv and took classes with ComedySportz.

"I just kept studying it, learning more about it and the different troupes," Martin said. "I auditioned for ComedySportz and I did not get in on my first try or the second try but then I got in and I was super happy."

Upcoming ComedySportz performances

The two Rosemount performances will showcase the talent of two teams with three actors each, a referee and piano player.

Is Martin the funny guy in social situations?

"Sometimes I think it is like a self-fulfilling prophecy when you start doing improv," Martin said. "You feel like you are supposed to be the funny guy but it has definitely helped me to become more quick witted."

Admitting how he is in his element when entertaining on stage, Martin said many people confuse improv with stand-up comedy.

"I have never done stand-up and I don't think I could do standup," he said. "The beauty of what we do is that you have a team of three to rely on. I feel so comfortable trusting my teammates, with this troupe especially."

Performing on stage allows Martin to constantly improve upon his ability to think quickly on his feet and this can aid him when communicating with the Rosemount City Council, resident groups or staff teams.

"I get thrown a lot of stuff everyday where I have to meet with the police chief or am on a conference call with a completely different thing, and that is all in 20 minutes and how do you turn your brain on and off and on again," Martin said. "Because my job is so nonlinear, the ability for me to turn my brain from the police, to public works feels very improvisational to me."

The ComedySportz shows are designed to be family-friendly with clean, humorous skits.

"This is a great destressor for me. I love doing this because when I get up on stage for 90 minutes, I don't have to feel like the city administrator for the city of Rosemount for awhile, in terms of the stress of the job," Martin said. "I love the release of it and that is why I have battled hard to find the time for it even though it gets harder and harder to find the time."

If you go...

What: ComedySportz improv troupe

When: 7 p.m. Saturday, March 16 and Saturday, April 27

Where: Rosemount Steeple Center, 14375 Robert Trail, Rosemount

Tickets: Buy online at or at the Steeple Center box office from 10 a.m. to noon Monday and 2-4 p.m. Fridays.