A small cabin exposes the generational divide when two couples accidentally book the same vacation spot in "Weekend Comedy" at The Phipps Center for the Arts.

Peggy, played by Cynthia Schreiner Smith, is excited to have a weekend away with her worrisome husband Frank, played by Rick Lamers. Her plans for just how the weekend will go are soon changed by the arrival of Jill and Tony, played by Stefanie Fauth and Mitchell Bugni.

The younger couple has rented the same cabin for the same weekend.

Despite the initial hiccups of their first meeting, the two couples decide to share the cabin, leading to an interesting weekend of fights and laughs that unfolds on The Phipps main stage.

The set of "Weekend Comedy" perfectly captures the rustic comfort of the "up north" cabin we Midwesterners know well. The stage includes all of the little details, from the dish soap at the sink to the knickknacks on the shelves. Regular Phipps audience members will spot the duck, which has been in the scenes of many previous Phipps productions.

The small space creates a clash of personalities, and generations, as the two couples, in different stages of their lives and relationships, compare themselves to one another. Their time together exposes tensions and competitions between two generations and two couples. "Weekend Comedy" shows the contrasts from small pieces like their day-to-day activities to larger arguments.

It's a concept many can relate to, no matter which generation they come from. Watching it unfold brings a lot of laughs and entertainment.

The four actors play well off of each other. Once again The Phipps excels with a smaller cast, bringing the audience into the story in a way that feels more participatory than observational.

Through the tiffs and clashes the two couples come to find a better understanding of each other, and of themselves. The comparisons lead to new outlooks on their own relationships, and possibly, some new friends.

"Weekend Comedy" runs weekends through July 28, with performances at 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and Sundays at 2:30 p.m.