HASTINGS, Minn. — The (lumin)theater lab will be performing their next show for the month of November at Eye Candy REfind in downtown Hastings.

"It's a great location because its an entire set," artistic director Libby Wasylik said. "The whole space is staged. There are living rooms and dining rooms."

Besides already being set up for the theater's production, the antique furniture store has ample space for a small audience, Wasylik added.

The play “Tartuffe,” also known as “The Hypocrite,” by Molière, tells the story of deceitful Tartuffe, who weasels his way into the life and home of a wealthy man named Orgon. Not only does he attempt to seduce Orgon’s wife, but also take his fortune. While Orgon is enchanted by Tartuffe, his family sees him for what he really is and must show Orgon the truth.

Director Diogo Lopes was a co-founder and former co-artistic director of the Twin Cities-based physical theatre group, Transatlantic Love Affair. He trained at the London International School of Performing Arts, and has vast experience in masks, clowning and physical storytelling. This is the first time that (lumin)theater lab has had a director outside of the theater, according to Wasylik.

The show runs from Nov. 8-23. Showtimes can be found at www.lumintheaterlab.com/tartuffe.

Tickets are available for purchase through www.brownpapertickets.com. Tickets are “choose your price” between $11 and $41. The show on Monday, Nov. 18 is an “Industry Night” performance — audience members pay what they can.

Eye Candy REfind is located downtown at 213 Second St. E.