NEW RICHMOND -- New Richmond High School students take a stroll through the days of love gone by with its production of “The History of Dating” March 13-15.

The play sets the scene of a class on romance, with Professors Curio and Amore leading the audience through the chronological development of dating. The professors start back in the times of cave men and women and travel through ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, through medieval and colonial times, into the '20s and '50s and on to the 21st century.

Director Ashley Steiner said she wanted a play that had a larger, flexible cast, like the Addams Family musical they did in the fall.

“It’s funny, lighthearted, and I can do a lot of things with it,” Steiner said of “The History of Dating.”

The play has a cast of 32 students. It includes 12 freshmen, meaning they’ll be able to continue to develop the program, Steiner said.

Seniors Jade Berget and Zoe Ledo take the stage as the professors, with Berget as Curio and Ledo as Amore.

Berget said she enjoys how well Curio fits her own personality. The professor is determined, on task and focused, she said.

Ledo likes Amore’s contrasting bubbly nature. Amore is a romantic, and just plain fun to play, she said.

The two both like the comedic factor of the play.

“It’s nothing like we’ve really done before,” Ledo said.

The two have been in several performances over the years. This is the fifth for Berget and the sixth for Ledo. They said they appreciate the community that forms with theater.

“We’re all so different but it works, we come together,” Ledo said.

They’re a big family, Berget said. The time on stage is also a chance to be a different person.

“It’s like a little escape,” she said. “A reality break for myself.”

Tickets are available for purchase online or at the door 30 minutes prior to each performance.