HAMMOND -- “In this small town, everybody knows everyone, supports everyone and cares for everyone. My dad was the doctor here in town for 20 years so he pretty much new everyone and I taught here. It’s a little different now because there’s a lot of new move-ins, but I still pretty much know everyone,” said lifelong Hammond resident Sue Frank.

She was the grand marshal for the 2019 Heartland Days Grand Parade during the Community Appreciation Dinner held Friday night under the roof of the new pavilion constructed at the Hammond Lions Recreational Grounds just south of the Village.

“Sue’s big heart and values of faith, family, community and service make her the perfect choice to the Hammond Heartland Days grand marshal,” Lions Club President Chuck Fedie said.

Donald “Buggzy” Halberg took home the Heartland Award.

President Fedie characterized Halberg as a dependable neighbor there when you need him, a veteran who served 6 years in the U.S. Navy, a past Village Board trustee, election day volunteer and career member of the Teamsters.

“The people in this town do care. It’s their town. They get together and things get done. I’d like to see the village grow and prosper in the future,” Halberg said.

Jazilynn Geiger was named the 2019 Miss Hammond during the royalty pageant Saturday, Aug. 10.

The royal court includes Krysta Gary as a princess and Cassie Wang as a princess and Miss Congeniality.

On Sunday, crowds of people lined Davis Street for the annual grand parade.