HUDSON -- Local residents joined the international Climate Strike with a demonstration in downtown Hudson Friday evening.

Close to a hundred people, from Hudson, River Falls, Amery, Afton and more, lined the corners of Walnut and Second streets to call for action. Signs encouraged people to act now, think of the future and vote.

Celeste Koeberl organized the local event.

“I’m here for my 10-year-old grandson, my 15-year-old nephew and my 17-year old niece,” she said.

With the degradation of the environment, she said youth today have a bleak figure compared to what hers was. She pointed to a recent study that shows North America has lost 30% of its bird population, as well as rollbacks of environmental regulations by the Trump administration.

“The bright spots are we can do things that make a difference,” she said, speaking over the honking of cars driving by and cheers of the gathered crowd.

“Enough is enough,” Koeberl said. “This is real. This is serious.”

And the window to take action is closing, she said.

“We’ve got to do it now,” Koeberl said.

A group of students from River Falls were among those lining the streets with signs.

“We all want to be alive,” Jordan Kitchen said. “ We want to be able to pass on what we have to future generations.”

Kitchen said they know that if they don’t act now, they won’t make it.

“Doing something is better than doing nothing,” Alexander Kucharski said.

Alex Symond said the government cannot deny environmental supporters any longer.

“We’ll stand up for change in policy,” Symond said.

Koeberl said she was happy with the turnout and found it thrilling to be part of a movement that spanned the globe.

“It’s very empowering and it’s really encouraging,” she said, “that people all across the country and around the world are showing up.”