The Goodhue County Committee of the Whole, comprised of the five county commissioners, agreed 3-2 on Tuesday night to consent to refugees being resettled in Goodhue County. This came after President Donald Trump issued an executive order on Sept. 26, 2019, that required state and local governments to provide written consent before any refugees can be resettled in the municipality.

This meeting, like many of Goodhue County's meetings, did not include a time for public comment.

Due to a large number of attendees, the meeting was held in the courtroom across the hall from the boardroom where the committee usually meets.

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Along with the venue change Tuesday’s meeting saw an increase in security after an email that was viewed as threatening was received by county personnel.

To ensure everyone’s safety visitors of the Government Center were required to sign-in and enter through a metal detector.

After the Committee of the Whole was complete the County Board held its first meeting of 2020. Paul Drotos was appointed chair and Barney Nesseth was appointed vice chair; both were unanimous votes.

*A more detailed story will appear in the Republican-Eagle's weekend edition.