Q: Why are team members paid?

A: City Council members voted that team members would be paid a stipend for each meeting attended to offset costs members might incur for their time. Obstacles exist for many people to participate voluntarily in activities (for instance, some may need to take off work). The council wanted to make participating as free from barriers as possible.

Q: What are the qualifications for membership besides being a resident of the community and interested in racial equity?

A: The only two qualifications required were that members had to be 18 years or older and had to apply or be nominated before the deadline listed on the form. For more information on the selection process, visit www.red-wing.org/advisory-team.

Q: Why are portions of the meetings closed?

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A: Each meeting has an "educate" and an "activate" portion. The education focused portion is open to the public while the active discussion is closed. This portion is closed so members can more freely discuss topics and brainstorm ideas. Minutes and notes from the activate meeting portions are made public.

Q: Why was Dominique Johnson hired as a consultant for the team?

A: When the Policy Advisory Team was being formed by the City Council it was decided that a facilitator would be brought in to work with staff and members of the team. Johnson has experience on this topic as she works for the Center for Policing Equity. According to the organization's website, "Center for Policing Equity’s work continues to simultaneously aid police departments to realize their own equity goals as well as advance the scientific understanding of issues of equity within organizations and policing."