On June 5, Lighthouse Christian Church started offering Spanish NOW, a condensed Spanish class that will focus on basic conversation and communication.

"We are growing with our Hispanic population in the area, and we just want to be able to have better conversations and build relationships," said Bill Goodwin, pastor of Lighthouse Christian Church. "We don't want language to be a barrier to that."

Lighthouse Church is also striving to further bridge the communication gap by broadcasting their Sunday services in Spanish. They have translators that come in and translate the mass to those who need it through headsets.

"As we are growing with the Hispanic population, we want to have more welcoming conversations," Goodwin said.

Goodwin says the population of Hispanic members is growing in numbers with both consistent members who have made their home at Lighthouse Christian Church, as well as friends and families of parishioners who come after hearing about the Spanish translation offered at mass.

"We are very open to other ethnicities and cultures, so it has been a real positive thing for the parishioners," Goodwin said.

There will be three sessions available in the Spanish NOW program: June 5, 12 and 19. Each class will run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Though coming to all three courses is encouraged, those interested can attend just one or two of the sessions if preferred. In addition to the classes, participants will have the materials needed to learn on their own time.

"Each participant will receive a manual and an audio CD so they can practice on their own outside of the classes," Goodwin said.

The class will run differently than typical education Spanish classes, with the focus being on having basic conversation with people in Spanish, versus learning verb tenses or in depth Spanish.

Sign up is now open on the Lighthouse Church website: worldwidelighthouse.com. The class costs $10 per night.