For many families, Easter wouldn't be Easter without some decorated eggs. And, of course, for families with young children, egg decorating can be a fun family activity.

With that in mind, here are a few decorating ideas that can transform an Easter tradition into kid-friendly art projects:

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Sponge-painted eggs

Hard-cooked eggs

Nontoxic acrylic craft paint

Household sponge

Paper towel


Soak a household sponge in water, then ring out completely. Cut the sponge into several pieces, enough so you have one for each color of paint.

Squeeze paint onto paper plate and dab sponge into desired paint color. Dab the sponge onto a piece of paper towel, removing excess paint. Dab the sponge onto the egg, painting as much as you'd like.

Let dry and add different colors.

You can also paint the egg a solid color first and then sponge paint.

Instead of acrylic paint, you can add food coloring to a few drops of vinegar and dip the sponge into the dye.

Drip Dot eggs

Hard-cooked eggs

Nontoxic acrylic craft paint



Place some paint on a paper plate or small dish. Add several drops of water to the paint to thin it out.

Using the paintbrush, place a generous dot of paint on top of your egg.

If the paint is not thin enough to start dripping down the egg, add another generous dot. If it still doesn't drip, dip your paintbrush in water and add to the dot on the egg until it begins dripping down the egg.

Repeat this several times so that it drips down around the egg several times. Use two different colors to create drips.

Allow the drips to dry completely.

Hold the egg upside down and paint the bottom half of the egg solid. This will cover up the end of the drips.

Place the egg upside down to allow the solid area to dry. If needed, repeat with another coat and let dry again.

When dry, use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in white paint to add polka dots to your solid color.

Let dry.

Crayon Easter eggs

Hard-cooked eggs


Neon food coloring

White vinegar


Use crayons to draw designs on the eggs. Hold the egg gently so they do not crack.

Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar, 1/2 cup hot water and several drops of food coloring in a coffee mug.

Dip colored egg into the dye and let sit for about a minute. Let dry.

The dye makes the crayon look brighter, especially if it is neon food coloring.