Mayo Clinic CEO and President John Noseworthy officially welcomed Mayo Clinic Health System in Red Wing's 800 employees into the Mayo Clinic system Wednesday morning.

The Rochester-based not-for-profit healthcare system acquired the former Fairview Red Wing Medical Center facility July 1. But this is the first time that Noseworthy has been able to visit Red Wing.

"I'm honored to welcome you into the family," Noseworthy told a group of local medical center employees gathered in the facility's Garden View Cafe.

"As we go forward, our job is to make sure you are supported in in your job," Noseworhty continued. "Mayo Clinic is there to help you."

During Noseworthy's 15-minute speech, he told employees about the development of what he called Mayo Clinic's Knowledge System -- a type of database that will allow all Mayo Clinic facilities to share information easily.

"If an advancement comes out, we can enter the change in the system, hit send," he said. "That information ends up in the system."

The new technology will help Mayo Clinic Health System better serve patients and to provide them with medical care in their hometowns, rather than making them travel, Noseworthy said.

"We believe the best care can be administered locally most of the time," Noseworthy said. "It's all about delivering knowledge."

Keeping patients at the forefront of everyone's minds was another of the president and CEO's main points, and he stressed the importance of "continuing every day at getting better and getting better for the patients. That's what it's all about -- the patients."

Noseworthy met with local community leaders, including Red Wing City Council President Lisa Bayley, before he toured the facility.