Head apple-picker Lyle Anderson is holding an average sized Connell Red apple. He noted that despite a lower yield, the apples that they do have are extra flavorful this year.

Photo by Maggie Hall

Anderson Apple Orchard in the town of St. Joseph on County V sits on 22 acres and is home to over 2,700 apple trees. The Anderson family began the orchard nine years ago and continues to plant new trees each season.

Manager Mark Anderson reported that this year's harvest is down because of the dry conditions and a late spring frost that froze many of the late blossoming trees.

The orchard has over 15 varieties of apple trees, most come from the University of Minnesota horticulture department. Sweet 16, Haralson and Connell Red were ready last week. The popular Honeycrisp variety ripened earlier than usual and sold out very fast.

The Andersons are currently selling their apples at the Stillwater Farmers Market and will be open at the orchard in the coming weeks. Workers were busy last week, washing and bagging apples in the big red barn that also serves as the sales area. This year, like most other orchards, there is no pick-your-own, but pre-picked apples are available.