As a mother of two and owner of Heart of Life Photography in Red Wing, Pam Dusbabek has a passion for documenting life moments - and a heart for showing moms just how important they are to each of them.

Just over a year ago, Dusbabek said she came across an article highlighting a trend of moms’ absences in family photographs due to either being busy as the main photographer or being unhappy with outward appearances.

“I thought, if only moms could see themselves in photographs exactly the way their children and their husbands see them - always beautiful, always there, always just as they should be,” Dusbabek said.

Shortly after, she introduced a new session into her photography lineup site, launching “The Mom Project.”

Wanting clients and website followers to “relate to the triumphs and struggles of real moms,” Dusbabek began capturing real motherly moments and asking, “What do you love most about being a mom?” and “What do you worry about the most raising kids these days?”

Many moms shared many different reasons for their love of motherhood; however, almost every participant of the Mom Project worried that she was “not good enough.”

Dusbabek, through her eye behind the camera, is proving to each participant that she is not just good but, in fact, great at the day-to-day moments of being “mom.”

“It’s one thing to be there, on the other side of the camera, capturing that perfect smile of your youngest as they blew a gigantic bubble for the first time. That’s a worthy photo for sure. But it’s another to show that you were there too,” Dusbabek’s wrote on her Mom Project site. “The proud clasp of your hands to your chest, the enthusiastic clapping and warm enveloping hug that ensues. Don’t just tell someone you’re a mom. Show them.”

In summarizing her work thus far as part of the Mom Project, Dusbabek said, “Celebrate exactly who we are right now - not when we lose that 10 pounds, not when we put our makeup on. Celebrate the right here, right now.”

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