RiverTown Multimedia invites you on a journey, an adventure involving 101 Things To Do in our publication areas. Each week we will select one place or activity and highlight it.

We will launch the project the week of Jan. 7, 2019, and span 101 weeks until December 2020.

All of the features will be compiled at www.rivertown101.com.

We will run these articles year-round, doing our best to be timely and match the topics to the seasons. Some activities will be indoors, some outdoors.

Our publications cover a large portion of eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, and we will feature activities and locations throughout the region. At times, we might stretch a bit outside our publication areas. Many of these ideas are in one of the communities represented by RiverTown Multimedia, but a number are in rural areas.

Some of the 101 Things To Do will be very close to you. Others might require a short drive that will vary depending on which activity you want to try and where you live. Most topics will be family friendly, although some may work better for teens or adults. Most will be free or inexpensive, but a handful may have a higher cost.

Some activities will feature the beauty of the area such as hiking in Willow River State Park, gazing at the Mississippi River from Buena Vista Overlook, or strolling through the Carpenter Nature Center.

Other activities will offer the excitement of action such as canoeing the Cannon River, operating heavy construction equipment at Extreme Sandbox, or soaring through the air with the Stanton Airport glider planes.

Some activities will be excellent family experiences such as attending the Minnesota State Fair, visiting Crystal Cave, or geocaching in the state parks.

A few activities will prompt thoughtful moments like visiting a Cambodian Buddhist temple, learning to read a vertical sundial, or interpreting poetry painted on the sides of old barns.

Every week we will choose an activity and give you the essential information - the address, phone number, website, email, hours, and admission - and a description of what to expect so you can decide if you want to do any or all of the 101 Things To Do.

We will provide a variety of places and activities. You might not be interested in all of them, but we hope that some of them will open up new ideas, new possibilities, new ways of looking at the places we call home.

We think you will find it interesting. Come with us on this journey.