Remember the eclipse two summers ago? It was a pretty big deal, enough to inspire many of us to drive distances to get a better view. In our case, we drove back to our old stomping ground in Broken Bow, Neb. Rain threatened right up until the "big show" but as it turned out the view was great and the heavens really showed off. It was spectacular. We had the approved glasses (cheap ones) so we could look directly at it.

During a prior eclipse back in the 70s I had held out a piece of paper with a pin hole and sure enough, just like the people on TV said, light coming through the small opening cast an image of the eclipse, like a shadow, in the shape of the eclipse. Cool!

This last eclipse, instead of a sheet of paper, I held out a cracker and looked at the light going through the small holes. EVERY HOLE in the cracker cast an image of the Great Eclipse of 2017! Amazing!

Even though centuries of careful looking has led to increased understanding of how nature works, down to both the sub-atomic and inter-galactic levels, I think our ancestors in faith were right, we will never understand it completely. The beauty is infinitely deep and wide.

Once, in the Bible, Job was complaining to God and Job received a response, or should we call it a humbling wake up call. The Lord said to Job:

"Why do you talk so much when you know so little?

"Did you ever tell the sun to rise?

"Do you control the stars in groups or set in place the Big Dipper?

"Or will lightning flash at your command?

Ouch! Hang in there Job! (selected verses from Job 38, Contemporary English Version)

This summer step outside during the night and take some time to enjoy the stars above, knowing that the One who created them comes to you in love day after day after day.