East Ridge High School kicked prom off early Sunday, Feb. 7 with a prom fashion show at Bella Bridal in Woodbury.

Heather Sward, of Bella Bridal, went to the high schools with the idea of partnering up for a fun pre-prom fashion show so the girls have a chance to see the spring styles.

"We've been wanting to do this for a while," Sward said. "It's something for the girls to do to get excited about prom -- the hope is that the girls will come back and find their dresses."

All of the models in the fashion show were students from ERHS and New Life Academy.

Two of the models, ERHS students Ellie Eckman and Lexy Aldape, said they participated to get a head start on looking at prom dresses.

"Just the idea of wearing prom dresses is so fun," Eckman said.

Sward said some of the spring fashions the business is seeing a lot of this year include prints, floral and some one-shoulder styles.

"It was nice to have some time to look around the store and get some ideas," Eckman said.

To prepare for her role as a runway model Eckman said she watched some of the Miss American pageant and studied how not to fall.

"I was so nervous about walking because I'm kind of short so I have really tall heals that I wore," she said.

Aldape said she had the same fears going into the fashion show in terms of losing her balance.

"I was nervous about falling on my face," she said.

Aldape said she found a prom dress she is considering for prom, which meant the fashion show was a success.

Although she doesn't have modeling aspirations, Aldape said she is considering possibly going to fashion school.

"I just like how people can express themselves through their clothes," Eckman said. "You can really make a statement with what you wear."

"I just love getting dressed up," Aldape said.

East Ridge High School's prom, "Happily Ever After," is scheduled for April 17 in the school's cafeteria at 8 p.m.