Nine-year-old Emma Moody, a third-grader at Rock Elementary, plans to run 50 miles by June 30 to help Hudson's BRIDGE for Youth with Disabilities.

She decided she wanted to help the organization after attending many of the planning meetings with mom Susan Moody.

She decided she could run and has already competed in three 5K races, most recently the Halos of Hope 5K in North Hudson. She even won her second race, placing first in girls under 9 years at the Germantown Mayor's Cup in Memphis, Tenn.

With the help of her parents, she came up with the "50 for 50" campaign. Emma thought if she could run 50 miles, and she could get 50 people to sponsor her, she could make a difference for the BRIDGE and its clients.

Emma personally made a commitment to Peg Gagnon, executive director for the BRIDGE for Youth with Disabilities. Whatever pledges she can garner between now and then will be used toward the next phase of the BRIDGE Garden project.

Hudson's BRIDGE for Youth with Disabilities serves more than 30 clients in the St. Croix Valley, providing life-long learning opportunities for youth and others with disabilities.

Formerly housed in the First Presbyterian Church in Hudson, as BRIDGE grew, it needed a larger facility, prompting a move to its new location on Brakke Drive.

Lacking in the new building was an outdoor green space for clients. The congregation at First Presbyterian has been working to raise funds for the project and Emma will work toward the same goal. For more information, call Susan Moody at (715) 386-8544 or (901) 486-1933 (cell).