Between its age, some ill-fitting parts and a lightning strike that scrambled some of its connections, the pipe organ at Farmington Lutheran Church is about ready to be replaced.

For more than a year now, a group of church members has been working to do just that. The six-member organ team at the church is just $15,000 away from raising the $62,000 it needs to buy a Wicks organ that is roughly three times the size of the instrument currently in place.

The current organ’s manual - the console where the performer sits and plays - is 23 years old. The pipes are different brands and don’t always work together as well as they should. That lightning strike a few years ago means the instrument’s chimes no longer work right.

The new organ, which Farmington Lutheran will buy from a church in Monticello, will have a fuller sound and will be capable of playing softer. It can also be tuned properly to accompany the church’s handbell choirs, something that’s impossible with the current organ.

Music ministries director Karissa Dennis believes the organ will bring a new dimension to services at the church.

“I think it’s going to fill the sanctuary with a beautiful presence,” she said. “It’s something that will last for generations.”

The church has already held one concert to raise money for the new organ, and it’s got another, this one featuring the Winona Hims choir, scheduled for April 26. Most of the money, though, has come from dedications of the various pipes that will make up the organ. The new organ will have 719 pipes ranging from two to 16 feet, and each one is available for a price. Dennis said many have gone to people making a memorial donation for a loved one.