When Robert Adelmann sold 10 acres of his land and donated another 10 for the site of the current St. Michael’s Church, he did it with the idea he would someday build a senior housing facility next door.

Adelmann died before he could see that dream through to reality, but now the church, with the help of Trident Development, is following through in his memory.

The church is working on a deal with Trident to sell a little more than four acres of land for the construction of the assisted-living facility. As currently planned, the building would include a secured wing for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, roughly 21 “enhanced-service” studio apartments and another 45 to 50 assisted living apartments.

The sale is scheduled to close in November with construction likely to start next April and take 14 months to complete.

Adelmann’s dream had mostly been forgotten in the more than 15 years since the current St. Michael’s facility opened. But when the church needed money for repairs to its bell tower, the idea came up again. There had been some talk about using the property for a school someday, but there wasn’t a lot of enthusiasm for that idea.

“All of a sudden (the senior facility) seemed like the right answer at the right time,” church trustee Jeri Jolley said. “It’s something the community needs and the community can be proud of.”

When Jolley and other trustees started asking around about developers for the project, they kept hearing about Trident. The developer has built facilities in 14 cities over the past 10 years along with Tealwood Care Centers, the company that will run the facility once it is open. The facilities range from a 43-unit building in Sauk Center to a 144-unit building in Chaska. Some of Trident’s other facilities include amenities like bistros, chapels and, in Shakopee, a pub.

The trustees toured that recently-opened Trident facility in Shakopee and were thrilled with what they saw.

“It is the way to be dignified in all the stages of growing older,” Jolley said. “It’s not how you envisioned a nursing home with skinny hallways and a funny smell…. It’s a home.”

St. Michael’s will share a driveway with the new facility, but it will not have an official role in the building once it sells the land. But Trident’s Scott O’Brien said he likes situations where he can open a facility near a church or a school. That new facility in Shakopee is located near a catholic school.

The church announced the project in its bulletin a month or so ago, and trustee John Frank said he’s already heard from parishioners who want to know if they can get an early spot on the waiting list.

“I like to think this was a plan that was supposed to evolve like this,” Jolley said. “This was Robert Adelmann’s dream. He couldn’t get it done, so we’re getting it done for him.”