A new church is coming to Hastings with the intention of bringing a movement and a place for community.

Crossroads Church, located at 225 33rd St. W., will open Dec. 3 for the first worship services at 9:15 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Crossroads is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America (ECC). It is the church's fourth campus location with others located in Woodbury, Eagan and Cottage Grove.

The pastor at the church is Tim Stanley, the former director of Young Life in Hastings. He said that he hopes the church will make a great impact on the community.

"I think (the community) can expect an experience on a Sunday morning that is relevant to them and that will keep them awake and engaged," he said. "The messages will tie in with what they are going through today."

Crossroads attendees can expect much more contemporary music than what is common at a "traditional" church, Stanley said. Services will incorporate the contemporary Christian music scene. Vocals, bass, drums, acoustic guitar or electric guitar could be commonly heard instruments on Sunday mornings.

One of the mottos for Crossroads is that there are no perfect people allowed, but they are also about bringing Jesus and people together. Stanley said that Crossroads will be place for community.

One of the things the staff has discussed is a way to increase engagement. Stanley said that their hope is that no one will enter the church without having contact with another person. There will be high fives, greeters, someone serving coffee in the lobby and more ways to connect with one another.

Think coffee shop vibe as far as aesthetics at Crossroads. Stanley said that when envisioning the space, they wanted it to have that modern coffee shop feel that would draw people in. The wooden butcher block tables, metal stools, chairs and booths will set that tone in the lobby area when people walk in.

A kitchen window in the lobby will be perfect for pouring cups of coffee. There might even be someone writing names on cups and pouring the coffee for church attendees.

Televisions will hang in the lobby in perfect view of the kid's area, a space for children to play just outside of the service area. The kids corner will allow parents to have a safe space for their children to play while still being able to listen to the service.

If parents would like to engage inside the service without worrying about their children, there will also be a children's area in the building. Parents can drop off their kids in the children's area where there will be staff people on duty to tend to children during the service.

In addition to Sunday church services, Stanley said that a youth group will start meeting every Wednesday night starting Jan. 10. Other than that, the use of the space has been intentionally left open with small groups encouraged to meet off campus. The reason being that other community groups could have an opportunity to utilize the space.

Stanley said that Crossroads would love to have organizations utilize the space for everything from weddings or funerals to banquets and dinners. The hope is that Crossroads will be a place and a movement of people that will impact the community in a variety of ways.

"My hope is that Crossroads becomes a church that Hastings never knew it was missing, but eventually can't live without," Stanley said.