HUDSON — This past Sunday I felt like going to a church I’d never been to before, and enjoyed driving along the river for most of an hour.

The church I decided on, Bethel Lutheran, has two campuses. I pulled up to the curb in the historic block at 7:40 a.m. for the traditional worship service at 8, then decided to drive around the neighborhood for a few minutes.

When I stepped into the building later I enjoyed hearing the classical piano music and seeing the stained glass. Slipping into the back pew of the main section I was pleased to see when consulting the tri-fold bulletin that the hymn names seemed familiar.

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There was applause for the musicians, the Habitat for Humanity update and the succinct committee report about getting schematics for additions at the Highlands campus.

The sermon was compelling. Pastor Ladd Sonnenberg put the congregation right in the moment of sitting there in the dark booth eight years ago looking at a very tempting hamburger but having no appetite. He told his wife about the depth of his self doubt. Then he delivered a very poignant laugh line: like any good wife she told him to “call your mother.” His mother is a therapist who showed up at their doorstep and offered him some sound mental health advice.

He spoke of “God-given enoughness” and seeking to assure the community, church members and non alike, not to despair.

The claim is the doors there are open to all. That I can believe.