RED WING — When I found out late Saturday afternoon March 14 that several of the options I was considering for church on Sunday were canceled, I took pause, looked at the time and decided to step a little out of my comfort zone.

I’d never thought of the Catholic church in town, the Church of St. Joseph, as a geode before — gray and round and dull on the outside, shimmering with light on the inside. A beam of sunlight hit the wafting incense moments after I got a whiff of the pleasing aroma.

They did say visitors were welcome, and as I’d reasoned, which was also commented on by the priest, it’s vast enough inside for a decent sized congregation to still have all of 6-feet between them. I appreciated Father Jim saying that before serving communion he would be washing his hands and there would be “soap along with the symbolism.”

I did not go forward for communion, feeling I wasn’t properly initiated into the “mysteries.” I do love how cantor’s invite you to join in the singing. A friend had talked to me before about the response to “Peace be with you” isn’t what it used to be — wording-wise. I think I got the “spirit” of it right. I didn’t realize, however, that it was done multiple times during the service.

The scripture about the woman at the well was further illuminated by the priest who actually had to fetch water in Africa before. Being there at noon is really late, which lent itself to further fleshing out of the woman in question. Interesting.

On the way out, I noticed polished pebbles where the holy water would normally be, which went nicely with the last song about the rock of salvation, which I whistled most of the way home.