HASTINGS — On the Second Sunday in Lent, I wanted to go to a church I’d been to once before, the historic First Presbyterian Church in Hastings.

After driving down to Lake Rebecca to enjoy the scenery, I parked in a neighborhood with porches. A short walk along busy Highway 61 led to a big wooden door. I followed a curved wooden railing that led up to the sanctuary with its arched stained glass windows and arrived just in time for the prelude to begin.

During the responsive reading I thought those listening on the radio probably appreciated the strong speaking voices. During the announcements, Reverend Steve Robertson reminded the congregation that March is FoodShare Month and that now is also the time to order Easter flowers. Karen at the piano took the microphone to invite others to join the upcoming conversation about bridging the political divide being held at the public library.

During the sermon, we were asked to evaluate our spiritual health with the suggestion to consider clearing away clutter, studying, listening and being creative, so as to be inspired to “transcend to trust.” There was the reminder to respect individual approaches to connecting with the power, mystery and grace of God — “one person’s labyrinth might be another person’s maze.”

Staying standing after the last hymn to put on my jacket I was ready to leave when I noticed everyone else had sat back down and thought “oh good,” all the better to enjoy the postlude — abide and add to the applause.