Social distancing has me visiting churches I may not have gone into otherwise.

When I first heard the music on Zion Covenant's website I thought it seemed so polished and professional that I wondered if I might've clicked on an embedded link to a national site. I also liked the way lead singer Jessica held the Bible above her guitar.

Scrolling through the service from April 19, I saw Pastor Dave and his wife in front of a brick wall talking about the local backpack program.

On the 26th, we see them in their back yard with guitars in hand, dogs by the drum set with the cool drummer and silos on the horizon. We hear Kenny Chesney's "Get Along" -- along with seeing video clips of other church members. Zion is on their second week of a series called "Three Chords & the Truth."

Zion Covenant Church in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Photo by Kate Josephson
Zion Covenant Church in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Photo by Kate Josephson
Honestly, I've never been too much of a Country music fan, but I like that phrase and was perhaps partly inspired by a picture from my nephew of worn work gloves on a straw bale. During a conversation between Pastor Doug and his wife Leslee, Leslee shares how she grew to enjoy Country music while working a job making patio doors.

They sat in front of the chalkboard in the lower level of the church with a drawing of Earth and a tree on one side behind them and a few numbers of a list for the Ten Commandments on the other.

The conversation included the lyrics "sunshine and your name." They went on to consider various meanings of the words "want," "along," "relationships" and "contentment." Do you need to clarify what you want in order to get along companionably with someone else? If you "shall not want" can you better be shepherded to get along, as in move along, with your life?

They agreed humbly acknowledging that you don't have all the answers contributes to contentment.