When I was looking at churches on the worship listing in the Star-Observer, I noticed C3 in Hudson and recalled seeing a sign for that church in Ellsworth. Described as “non-denominational” and “spirit-filled,” both campuses are led by Pastors Matt and Angel Anderson.

I started listening to the April 19 service then paused it overnight. In the morning a praise song was on my mind and the words “Make a decision to move forward in a better manner” were on the screen.

The illuminated horizontal boards in the background reminded me of the granary on the farm, not a bad analogy for being encouraged to be frugal and prepared. I also liked imagining people stopping in mid-bite when he referred to those of you sitting “in the breakfast nook eating pancakes” — syrup dripping off forks.

When I was sitting in a big chair with my feet up looking down at the little screen I wasn’t too inspired, but when I had my feet on the floor looking up at the rain I had a better experience. I alerted my husband that he might even hear an “Amen” from the other room.

Pastor Matt talked about “dialing in faith” with patience, consistency and confidence. He suggested we “put a stake in the ground“ as a point from which to move forward. He also said, “Don’t fall on your sword.” Rather, turn the switch to realize that “something good can come out if this.” Small groups can be opened up wide using the internet as a way to improve our circumstances and the culture, if we’re disciplined and intentional.

“Not Conformed But Transformed” was the message title for the 26th. Instead of being depressed or “compressed” we were encouraged to “lean into” the new “space of grace,” which can make real change for the better possible.

On Wednesday, April 29, Pastor Matt preached on “The Way Maker,” saying these are “unique and extreme times” along with anecdotes from his own life to “be of good courage.”