I’d decided on a River Falls church service to listen to on Sunday, May 3. The brief review online of the previous week’s sermon about meditating on kindness and the hope that comes from endurance was appreciated, along with being informed that next up was "The Trinity.”

Pastor Kevin recapped how Walt Disney was once fired for a lack of ideas and opened with the words of some old TV commercials like we “bring good things to life.”

The live-stream was at 10 a.m. It was such a beautiful day my husband and I wanted to go for a walk about then. So, I grabbed my phone and ear buds. After admiring the image of the opened Bible above the band, the phone pretty much stayed in my pocket.

The grass was green, the dandelions a fresh brilliant yellow and the lovely swath of wild violets mixed in were a pinker shade of purple than ones I’d seen the day before. Bees were buzzing, plum tree blossoms were fragrant, a blue bird landed in a tree and a goldfinch went swooping past.

The word “trinity” doesn’t appear in the Bible, we were told. I’m not sure I knew that but it sounded familiar once he said it. Pastor Kevin referenced multiple Bible passages starting in the very beginning where divinity is referred to in the plural.

Instead of “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” I often prefer “Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer” — not sure where I first heard that.

The soul was described as separate from body and spirit, and attributed with three parts: mind, will and emotions. Not sure I’ve heard precisely that before but I think I follow ...

Further, we got their job descriptions. God does the work, Christ prays for you, and the Holy Spirit prays with you to give you strength. I still remember the first time I heard (set to music), “The spirit intercedes for you with sighs too deep for words to express. Oh, oh, oh.”

Sanctity in abundance.