Early in May when I was enjoying the latest offerings on some local church websites I quickly encountered “Silent Night” — twice. Once as the background music to a scripture reading and art display, played on a tonette, I believe (cue flashback to grade school). And once in a tribute story told by the pastor about an older woman who kept on singing the third verse when everybody else stopped after the second. Eventually, everyone else joined back in.

As for grade school and old women, I’ve had the same notion multiple times when I see that standard COVID-19 image of red bits on a porous white orb. It’s like an unfinished Christmas ornament from my childhood. I feel like I need to get some green leaves to go with the red, gold sequins and beads on straight pins to stick into the white styrofoam ball and a loop of ribbon all the way around it so Grandma can hang it up and say it’s pretty.

I went looking for my childhood angel that plays “Silent Night.” I found the angel part quickly and was pleased with how I’d tucked it in among other prized belongings (including a tonette I forgot I had) but I did not find the base that plays the music and turns the angel around. Sigh. I can imagine putting it somewhere safe and believe it will turn up yet. I did not remember that the angel with the great wings and tidy curls was playing a concertina.

For now she presides on top of a dresser that had belonged to my parents. Inside is a quilt my grandmother had made of a variety of intricate scraps, and neat colorful full aprons my mom had made for her.

May your days be set to inspiring music replete with “redeeming grace.”