After some music and words about revival, hands-on prayer for moms, and a funny insightful video called “We love our moms, but we’re not our moms,” pastor Tom preached on four women who were forebears of Jesus.

In a bright pink shirt with his sleeves rolled up, he taught us about Tamar’s tenacity, Rahab’s resourcefulness on the roof in Jericho, Ruth gleaning in the field of a “kinsman redeemer” and Bathsheba who knew not to trust men in power — women who made their covenants directly with God.

He also shared a one-line joke he likes to use just to see if people are listening: he was raised by his father because “his mother left before he was born.”

This pastor who commented on not realizing when he first became faithful that there was an Old Testament and a New Testament or just what “testament” meant cited Bible verses fluidly, including about Christian equality as in “... neither male nor female.”

He plainly stated, “If it wasn’t for women, church wouldn’t exist.” In addition to Christ’s ancestors he lauded women who bring their children to church on Sunday. (Flashback to pink curlers and stiff headbands.)

New River Assembly of God in Red Wing has been live-streaming worship online. The congregation recently started having Saturday evening prayer services at church where the couple dozen plus people have sufficient space for social distancing consistent with health guidelines.

Pastor Tom pointed out that if a congregation had been in attendance he could literally point out those who had overcome a wide range of human suffering. There are people who have moved from being scared to filled with the spirit.