I admit that when I was looking for online church services on Sunday morning I got distracted by a couple of videos. There was one with a fluffy cat on one side of a window and a deer on the other — seemingly happily making each other’s acquaintance. And there was another quick demonstration of these rather amazing blended chalk drawings neatly confined by removable tape. Fascinating. So, Wednesday morning I was more deliberate about checking a few local churches’ websites.

There I found a screenful of 11 men in their separate little rectangles singing “Faith of Our Mothers.” The accompanying trumpet player shown in the upper right hand corner stepped out of his frame at the beginning of the last verse then came back to hit the high notes at the end. I watched it again. Bravo.

There was a link on that site to a neighboring church for a very brief talk about what “freedom” means in a Christian context. Freedom from tyranny still means we are to humbly serve our neighbor while creatively loving God. Next up was a video for that church displaying wide eyes taped onto common kitchen consumables and an announcement about actual people lighting candles.

Across the park there was talk of sheep and gates and “the master’s voice.” (Flashback to Dad calmly yet commandingly saying, “Easy ... ” to skittish farm animals.) The pastor commented on tone — the difference between a shaming inner voice saying you should do more, versus encouragement that you could do more.

As for announcements, I look forward to seeing the newly upholstered chairs by the fireplace in their fellowship hall one day.

Then, across the river at a church I’ve admired from the street a few times I read about “bounce back” and considerations for opening their doors later in the summer. Guidelines include limiting attendance, separating households by six feet and no singing. I didn’t see a mention of masks there, but saw a bit of a style show elsewhere.

Dad always had a red bandanna in his back pocket. I like to wear a light blue one around my neck with a coffee filter tucked in the fold to duck into when I feel it is best to do so.