On Saturday, May 30 I was watching people come and go from the gathering at the park while I was perched on a stool at my window sill a few stories up, drinking a cup of tea.

There were several young men on skateboards who appeared to have one type of ancestry DNA, and a family unit of three with the baby in a stroller with another type of ancestry. There was also a group of three young ladies, one noticeably older than the other two, presumably their guardian with genetic characteristics different from the youngsters who all seemed to be having a mild-mannered animated conversation as they approached the crosswalk.

Another group of three caught my attention because the young man was carrying what appeared to be a bakery box — I believe I saw a glimpse of a pronounced zigzag pattern in colored icing through the little cellophane window. It occurred to me later that I think I know who they were. The more adult fellow had this great head of hair that I thought I recognized. I’m convinced he’s the ENT doctor I saw earlier in the year.

On Sunday, my husband sent me a link to a fun story in the Washington Post about our local bakery making 800 free cakes for high school graduates (Editor's note: We covered it too). Nice picture. That’s when I started to put the pieces together. I recalled reading that the doctor’s son was a senior, and the young lady with them seemed right for his sister, whom I’ve met. Good deal.

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From my same vantage point, that or another day, I watched the moving shadows cast by the rising sun. The shape of one church steeple was slowly sweeping across the side of another old church building. I was disappointed to realize the cross on top was going to be too high in the sky to enter into the picture.

A couple days later, I noticed the more solid small cross sturdily present nearer a person’s eye level — offering a visual cue for earthly orientation.