Shortly after Memorial Day I had this latent inclination to start collecting popsicle sticks. Not that I ate that many popsicles growing up, or any for years, but along with that was an urge to consider gathering elbow macaroni and bottles of Elmer’s glue.

Vacation Bible School was coming up. Flashback to colorful workbooks with the theme song on the back and my aunt Gertrude standing by the propped open shiny wooden doors to the sanctuary wearing a print dress with a narrow matching belt, clip-on earrings and sensible shoes. She’d be singing the theme song in a strong melodic voice and making stern eye contact as students marched past to see how we were doing on memorizing the words for an upcoming program.

I liked sitting outside on the wide flat brick banister at the top of the steps by the front door or the one closer to the choir loft, probably after getting out of a game of Red Rover on the front lawn.

Downstairs in the cool basement there’d be lessons and crafts.

No popsicle sticks for me and no classroom VBS for lots of kids this summer, but I am curious about the to-go kits churches are putting together.

Myself, I’ve been saving colorful plastic lids just ‘cause. Some work well for holding a piece of jewelry or a couple vitamin pills.

When I went looking online for updates I checked United Lutheran’s website thinking I might fast-forward to the announcements, but listened to Pastor Justin’s June 14 sermon from a bluff-top picnic table in its entirety — enjoying other video snippets before and after.

I could see the points of his sermon lending themselves to a VBS curriculum: Eat your vitamins, say your prayers, and believe in yourself/God. The scripture lesson was about Daniel in the lions’ den. His "real" life inspiration was The Hulkster with his handy red bandanna. I heard their virtual VBS was starting that evening.

I wonder what the craft projects were — maybe a vitamin bottle lid and elbow macaroni belt buckle emblem suitable for enhancing prayer and bravery.