It seemed like too long since I’d been to Zumbrota. I’d never been to Lands Lutheran Church. I put on jewelry — the first time leaving home for church in awhile. They were having worship in the park on the other side of their parking lot, about a mile out of town.

I backed into a visitor parking space and rolled down my window.

It was so nice out and those in attendance were either in the park itself or in their vehicles a few rows away, so I stood out on a grassy knoll in the breeze. Some cottonwood fluff drifted past.

Others beeped their horns for Father's Day. I could hear the speakers and singers quite well and followed along in the bulletin I had pulled up on my phone.

I could also hear birdsong: doves and robins and killdeer and probably red-winged blackbirds.

There was mention of sparrows in the scripture.

There was dancing inspired by chickens and frogs for the children’s sermon.

It was their “Midsummer” worship. People brought flowers.

For the message, Katie talked about a trip to Sweden her junior year of college and learning about Midsummer celebrations there, including how a copper mine collapsed when it was empty on one of only two days of the year for this annual celebration. She highlighted “the fragility of life” and how all people are “valuable and precious.”

After the service concluded with more contribution from car horns, I continued on in the opposite direction from which I came knowing the road was closed in a couple miles but enjoying the lay of the land. Turning back around, I got to enjoy the magnificent building appear over the horizon and appreciate the arc of the evergreens along the one-lane gravel road between the peaceful cemetery, colorful with blooming flowers, and the vast green growing fields alive with new growth.