One of the things that lured me to this special outdoor venue in addition to poetry on the side of the barn and the nearness of harps was the implied promise of a Tibetan singing bowl.

However, when I got there on Sunday morning, despite having my folding chair along I didn’t stay. I’d seen a comment online that a video would be available so I thought I’d wait for that instead — fewer mosquitoes. I enjoyed seeing the big blond dog get out of the pickup after the resident dog was given a treat. And I did have a moment leaning against the rough bark of a log in the shade and breeze on the opposite side of the barn from where the dozen or so members of an “emerging congregation” Unitarian Universalist Community were gathered. But then catching more of the outdoor service the Central Park in Red Wing had greater appeal to me. I’d stopped on my way past as the early service was ending for a song that stayed with me as I drove out of town.

The weather was beautiful. Once again I was fortunate to have one of my favorite spots all to myself under the gloriously blue sky and green leaves — a great place to hear the words “renew a right spirit within me.”

Waiting for UUC’s video to post about Thoreau’s 203rd birthday, I clicked into what the YouTube site put at the top of my list and heard a local pastor distinguish between “resuscitation,” a powerful thing, and “resurrection,” a really powerful thing. The latter with its analogy to “newness” is perhaps being called for in these times.

New poems have been appearing daily on Rev. Ted Tollefson’s Facebook page, where I found the description of the Sunday, July 12 birthday celebration (but not yet the video). Whether it’s about wild turkeys, red clover, “the clatter of footnotes” or literally noticing the edge of things, the new daily poems are a testimony to the days we live in and encourage seeing things not always as visible as the broadside of a barn.