I’d been past this place plenty of times. It would occasionally catch the edge of my attention, but it wasn’t until last week that I stopped on the sidewalk long enough for the name to stay with me.

Then, when I got back home the internet knew exactly what I was searching for with eerily few letters typed in. The map app must’ve noticed me pausing by Calvary Chapel in Red Wing.

A couple of the praise songs for the first section of the worship service on August 2 were ones I’d sung along with elsewhere before but not all of them. The performance of the violin with the guitar and vocalist plus the pastor on percussion passed the time quickly. I wasn’t always looking at my screen but I did glimpse the back of some heads with pretty long hair and others with backwards caps.

Pastor Mike asked worshipers to come forward during the last song to pick up individually packaged communion ingredients, mentioning the film could be tricky to remove. (My brother had mentioned something similar in person that day complete with a little splatter barely visible from six feet away on his nice shirt.)

The audio was turned off when congregants were interacting with each other during the passing of the peace.

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I thoroughly appreciated hearing the story of a couple chapters from the gold edged Bible on the heavy wooden podium with the emblem of a descending dove.

How did I not know about the lost donkeys — which captured my attention all the more for having just asked my brother about his while gazing at a pleasant view of his pasture? And although I participated in my other brother’s son Samuel’s baptism I couldn’t have told you that that was the name of the seer who prophesied about King Saul complete with the specific presence of a tambourine.

The message included being open to hearing directly from God in the mundane of everyday life. We were told it’s easier to hear that “still small voice” if you “speak intimately and frequently with God.” We were also told “it’s easier to check out then press in.”

The shout-out to Queen Victoria for vowing to be and do good when she realized at age 11 that she was in direct succession to the crown reminded me we have plenty more program viewing options yet to be seen on various broadcasting networks.

My broad view on wearing masks seems to be considerably more favorable than what was mentioned from the pulpit. I’m quite fond of my various colorful options, although I did have an issue with my glasses fogging up in the recent humidity.

Hopefully, we can all hear and see our way through the routines of everyday life with a long view toward creatively getting us all where we need to be.