Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Beldenville, Wis., is known for their lutefisk supper in the fall and Easter vigil complete with fireworks in the spring, according to their webpage.

There are also helpful links online to current worship aids including: directions for how drive-in worship is being conducted; worship service bulletins containing all the words to the hymns, scriptures, sermon, prayers and announcements; plus, “here” for the video artfully recorded in the lovely sanctuary.

Before clicking into the recording for Aug. 16, I drove out to the church and beyond. After admiring the vista and the arrangements for directing the convening cars, I went looking for a slightly more remote location to tune in the broadcast over the radio.

I was pleased to find a spot in the shade a short distance away off a different road at a park with some play equipment, picnic shelter and a ball field that I realized after pulling in had a wooden sign showing an affiliation to the church.

Following the sermon that explained a significant half-verse (easy to overlook in the 13 chapters about Joseph in the book of Genesis) where a man in a field points the way, and the gospel lesson where a woman meaningfully blocks Jesus’ path to greatly expand the way for herself and others, more than half-a-dozen young people were confirmed by Pastor Lucas.

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In claiming the faith “as their own” each confirmand shared a favorite Bible verse — highlighting such values as courage and grace. Then the individual families were called forward for a blessing of “understanding” and “joy.” I could hear the applause over the radio and the car horns over the corn fields.

Back at home, I enjoyed hearing the clarity of the organ and piano music over my earphones and leaning in for the children’s sermon. Sitting close to the camera (all the better to appreciate the abstract shapes and bright colors of his stole), after talking about Joseph and all the trouble with his brothers, pastor asked the children to pray with him for God’s help to see what “good can come out of problems.”

The message revealed how God doesn’t pull strings, but does send other people to appeal to our freewill and thereby help us find our own destiny and best way forward.