I was curious about churches in Hammond, Wis., partly because we won’t be driving on that side of the river when we head up north this year and partly I wondered what OPC stands for — Orthodox Presbyterian Church. So, kinda the denomination I grew up with.

When I found their most recent YouTube video I noticed the light blue curtain with a painting of clouds above it. There’s also a curtain behind the pulpit at my home church. It was maroon velvet when I was growing up, now it’s peach. There’s a gold cross above it and if I recall correctly the light behind it is on the same switch as the microphone so the ushers can see if it’s turned on or not.

Covenant Presbyterian Church’s website says that no masks are required. When a few men huddled up front they all seemed to be sporting one, mostly of a solid color homemade variety.

Before finding the video of a whole service, I listened to a couple audio-only sermons. The guest preacher referred to a Jack Benny joke and said “righteousness” a lot. He told about sailors casting lots to see who brought the curse of a storm upon them. Jonah’s sleep down below was not of the righteous variety; he was trying to hide from God, shirking responsibilities. The pagan fellows on the ship brought to his attention that it might not be a good idea.

Pastor Shane told the story of a distressed king meeting a young musician and said “interesting” a lot. The shepherd musician who “presented himself well,” was brought to King Saul’s attention by a very polite and observant servant.

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In the video service pastor talked about “Biblical fidelity,” including the “law to show no partiality.”

Perhaps the most interesting was the short devotional that popped up after the worship service about the quarantine being for many “the excuse we’ve always wanted,” giving examples of a good reason not to go to church, help your neighbor, or get up early to go to work.

But still and “always” we are to be gracious and gentle and pursue goodness — impartially and a lot.