Scrolling through some of the area churches’ online information, I saw a new name. Really.

Changing their name from the denomination they’re affiliated with and the town where their building is located, “Spirit of Grace” decided to “say for certain in these uncertain times,” that the grace of God is available to all.

Going on to remind us of the Biblical nature of naming and renaming — from Genesis to St. Paul — Pastor Amy mentioned other names prior to its recent “River Falls United Methodist Church.” The congregation decided to “step into” the understanding that nothing can separate us from the healing and transformative love of God, affirming the importance of justice and compassion.

As for thresholds, back to the current sermon series recordings on Moses and the promised land. I liked Pastor Amy’s image of Moses with “the wind whipping his wooly gray hair” and her confiding she could be “snarky” and “torqued at God.” (I also liked being reminded of those great campsites at the end of the Gunflint Trail, favorites of ours, as well!)

Forty years and 10 commandments later, Moses is in “liminal space.” He gets to see the final destination but doesn’t get to go there himself. Really. This was a message that needed to be delivered “in person by an old friend,” God, none other. It was a “tender and tragic” moment complete with Moses’ instant demise.

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But still, there was the glimpse of promise with some specific landmarks and hopefully the realization that in a way “you’re already there.”

On Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020, Pastor Amy took a “breather” and a previously recorded Wisconsin Conference Cabinet worship video was posted online. It also mentioned getting through the wilderness to the promised land. It referenced the difficulties of the early building-less church, gave a pep talk to kids about getting up early for school and emphasized the importance of sabbath rest to restore your energy for pursuing the “easy” vital work that fits each of us along the way.