Opening with traditional organ music and images of colorful stained glass, we are next greeted by several people seated outside on a nice day who invite viewers to online worship at Ezekiel Lutheran Church in River Falls — including first-time visitors/viewers.

The words for the litany and songs are projected on colorful backgrounds. The reader of the day is sitting in a lawn chair outside somewhere with the faint sound of running water in the background. She spoke of being humble and having “good purpose.”

Back at the pulpit, Pastor David expanded on living out the gospel. There was a story about an impressive figure repeatedly posing and posturing in the center of a skating rink, but never actually skating. We were encouraged to actually get out there. He said the starlight we see twinkling in the night sky started its journey here about the time that Shakespeare walked the Earth. Perhaps some of the light from the “motley” disciples is just reaching us now providing motivation and inspiration to do the work we’ve previously declined doing — letting us know that now it’s time to get busy living.

There were prayers about paying it forward to the next generation, for “peace and possibilities” and recitation of a list of names including Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Announcements provided more information on Wednesday evening worship services outdoors. The last one being Sept. 30, with a band, social distancing observed, and also first communion. Afterward, there’s a bonfire for high school students in which “sugar is involved.”

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Prior to all that, to-go meals are served by driving thru their “alley of blessings” and consistently run out very quickly.

There was also mention of family oriented virtual Sunday school and a “high commitment” in-person upcoming Bible study.

Popping up after the worship video was a very brief “short” about two local young women with very different personalities and preferences who learned to successfully sail in the same boat together by tenaciously building sacred trust.