The outside worship service had already concluded when we drove by United Redeemer Lutheran Church in Zumbrota on Oct. 4, but as Pastor Marggi said when I watched the video online later in the week, it was a beautiful day.

Sun streamed through the colorful leaves to where the pastor stood with papers fluttering on the music stand, a woven basket and white chalice at her feet. Below her long dark colored dress she was sporting laced up canvas shoes.

Pastor Marggi spoke words of being “forgiven and free.” A soloist accompanied by an unseen keyboardist sang several selections.

The message was about cornerstones — how they determine the position of the entire structure, which “forms and informs our lives.”

Reflecting on her own life, she realized she often chooses things “flimsily made.” Some constructs are almost like cardboard.

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For instance, there have been different occasions where it occurred to her after the fact that she perhaps chose the need to be right over doing right by the relationship.

Pastor reminded herself her cornerstone is: “Do justice, love kindness, walk humbly.”

Prayer that day included “embrace a new embracing, taking nothing for granted.”Before driving to Zumbrota, I’d listened to the worship video for Sept. 27, where Pastor Marggi got some beeps for her handling of big furry puppets and talked a lot about crayons.

She also talked about Hitler, Jessie Owens, Luz Long and “radical empathy.” Long’s encouragement, congratulations and friendship were more of a cornerstone for Owens life than all the medals he received.

During the weekdays in between, various links were posted on the church’s Facebook page, which did one morning find me “whistling some comforting tune.”

Prayers for the first of the two weeks included healing for the nation and thanks to a creative God who “gives us space“ to change and choose and experience second chances.