Starting at the top of the list for the worship directory in one of the RiverTown newspapers, it didn’t take long for me to come to Journey Baptist Church in Amery, Wis. When I checked their website, they were dedicating their new building on Sunday, Oct. 11. As I drove there, I listened to the livestream.

The stories about constructing the new building/expansion were more about the relationships that were built in the process. Skilled builders and craftsmen from all over the country volunteered their time and effort.

Elders spoke on the history of buying and selling land and of unexpected blessings along the way.

Leaders considered whether the mission for their church was to be “a refuge from the world, or a refuge for the world.”

When a deadline was looming, it was time to “cowboy up” and the results felt miraculous.

The new building means little kids won’t have to be carried down steep steps. There will be more space for ministries such as the lunch program they started years ago.

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The architect led organization “Builders for Christ” wanted to help Journey Church achieve “ministry excellence” — including creating curiosity in the community of Amery and beyond.

One fun story was about 100 old chairs making their way to a church in St. Paul; the recipient pastors were in attendance to help celebrate.

Pastor Derek said the most “efficient and effective evangelism” is just to tell your own story. As grateful as the congregation is for their new building, they’re clear that it’s God’s church and really it is the people who are the church.

There was a lot of earnest applause and praiseful singing throughout the service, concluding with a heartfelt rendition of “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”

On their banner out front it is written “We are making a place for you!” During the message various -isims and -alities were listed indicating an all inclusive view. Their sign depicts a black cross on a solid green background. It reminded me of the centerline on a highway — angled toward infinity.